What Is Indoor Cycling

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Jun, 06, 2021

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 Also known as Spinning, Indoor Cycling is defined as a variety of cycling which is done in the room, using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel. It’s convenient, time-efficient, not weather-dependent and you won’t end up with a dirty bike. Indoor cycling can improve your overall physical fitness by building strength and cardiovascular endurance.
 The first stationary bike was invented in 1796 by Francis Lowndes and was called Gymnasticon. It was constructed from wood with metal parts, the bike was positioned vertically and there was a seat so that one would be comfortable while exercising. Nowadays we know one of the famous indoor bike brands is Peloton, which went public in 2019, is the maker of indoor bikes with a large screen attached to the front, providing access to monthly subscription service with thousands of live and on-demand cycling classes.
 We are seeing indoor bikes as a modern sport equipment, it’s a combination from sport and technology. Maybe it’s too expensive for some people; but it can be used any time, the whole family can use it to exercise, and it can even be cheaper than paying family gym fees regularly. The conclusion is indoor bikes it’s a good investment for your family’s health. To improve your Indoor Cycling experience we recommend you to wear a proper cycling outfit, you will look great and more confident.

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