What to Wear in Different Sports

By Pulau Intan Lestari

Sept, 01, 2021

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 Beside a more healthy life, doing Sports is believed to bring psychological and social benefits; like self control, independence, and responsibility. Although injuries may happen when you are overtraining. Sports are not healthy anymore if you are doing too much, and if you ignore your body signs. Let’s be wise with your body.
 There are so many kinds of sports we can choose, in every sport there is also clothes and equipment that is different from others sports. In this article we want to speak about 3 of the most popular sports globally:

1. Football
 Globally we should be sure that Football or Soccer (if you would prefer to say in American) is number one in popularity, is the most favorite sport in the world. What to wear: Short Sleeve Jersey and Short Pant. Short clothing design for top and bottom promising with comfort body movement while running, jumping, and kicking the ball. If you were playing as Goalkeeper never forget your gloves!

2. Tennis
 In tennis, players on both sides of an elongated net try to hit a ball with a racket so that it either goes past their opponents or bounces on their opponents’ side twice to score points. What to wear: for non-professional players you can wear a Short Sleeve Jersey or Polo, but professional players will dress with Tennis Polo, depending on the Venue where they play. There is also a Tennis Skirt which is suitable for women players.

3. Basketball
 In basketball, two teams attempt to dribble a ball up a court and shoot it into a raised, hoop-shaped net to score points. If you like to run, jump, and shoot, then you’ll love the game of basketball. What to wear: Sleeveless Basketball Jersey, since Basketball focuses on the upper limb sports, so clothes that are sleeveless is the best for performance.

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