By Pulau Intan Lestari

October 10, 2022

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Space dyed is a kind of multi colors dyeing technique besides tie dyed. There are differences between them; Tie dyed is executed in fabric or plain clothes, whereas space dyed is done even before the knitting process, if you know about yarn dyed technique, then space dyed is one kind of multi colors yarn dyed technique which textile manufacture can do. Multi colored yarns as output from space dyed is suitable for making a unique fabric with multiple colors (usually two but sometimes more), creating a random quasi-striped effect.

An article from Vogue came with the headline ‘ Space-Dyed Knits Are The Coolest Way To Stay Warm’. We totally agree because space dyed is really cool, and knit fabric is the best fabric to bring comfort and warmth in single clothing products. In fact, space dyed is not a new invention in textile, but it’s still something that’s interesting and potential to explore. Furthermore space dyed is classified as premium products, besides of unique looks its processing is more complex than regular fabric.

Space dyed techniques bring alternative textile products besides single color yarn dyed or piece dyed. Its technique is promising with excellent penetration of dye into the fiber and thus produces a great clarity of color. In today’s market at least we can find space dyed products at knitwear brands, they commonly use medium to heavy weight space dyed fabric for making sweaters, pants or cardigans. But need to know; we can also make it thinner or lightest depending on the yarn size, so any kind of clothing could be made. Since clothing consumers are always thirsty for new products and style, then why not to work with this kind of fabric?.

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