What’s The Meaning of Reactive Dyes?

By Pulau Intan Lestari

October 3, 2022

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 We are sure, some of you will think that reactive dyes is a term that is so called. It’s reasonable naming that comes as a fact that there is only one type of dye stuff, which has a reactive group, and that reactive group reacts chemically with fiber polymer molecules and forms covalent bonds. It is a kind of dyestuff commonly used in the textile industry for coloring cotton, cellulosic fiber, wool, silk, and rayon. More widely it could be used in the printing industry, specially in discharge, and inkjet printing technique. Keep on reading to make you clearly understand the characteristics and features of this kind of dyestuff.

 Reactive dyes are easy to apply, since they come in textile manufacture that should work fast and efficiently. And If we talk about the current fiber types, reactive dyes are suitable for dyeing a new type of cellulose fiber products such as Lyocellfibres. Beside the simplified dyeing process and wide range of use, it’s kind of dye stuff also promising with better color results that will be explained in the next paragraph.

 Reactive dyes have a complete color range, from dark to brighter shade could be produced without worry. The final result of colors is always better than other dye stuff like direct, mordant, metal complex, and sulfur. For some people who have never tried to compare between them, they may think ‘better color results’ is very subjective, then in the last paragraph we will tell about the powerful side of reactive dyes on laboratory testing results.

 Color fastness is a basic quality requirement for every clothing product; it is a parameter that describes the level of color change it undergoes when exposed to artificial weather conditions. In general, color testing results will give a number rating (from 1 to 5) for every point like color resist to light, color resist to washing, color resist to perspiration, and color resist to rubbing. Acceptable ratings may be different, depending on where the market is (US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, or Japan). But we are guaranteed that reactive dyes have good fastness, and you could rely on it to face a competitive market.

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